APCTP Focus Program

Finite-size technology in low dimensional quantum field theory (II)

June 20 - July 9, 2005 APCTP (Pohang, Korea)

Time Table

The program runs on

  1. the development and application of finite-size technology in low dimensional quantum field theory.
  2. the interdisciplinary work between quantum field theory and lattice system approach.
  3. (boundary) conformal field theory, (boundary) quantum integrable field theory.
The program run on the base of cowork possibility between participants and therefore, participation is limited on the inviation base only.

If you want to participate in this program, contact core participants or write in the Bulletin Board:

Core Participants

Rim, Chaiho (Chonbuk) June 19 - July 10

Pearce, Paul A. (Melbourne) June 19 - July 10

Confirmed Participants

Ahn, Changrim (Ewha) June 27 - July 9

Bajnok, Zoltan (Budapest) June 19 - July 9

Delfino, Aldo (SISSA) June 29 - July 7

Dorey, Patrick (Durham) June 22 - July 7

Dunning, Clare (Queensland) June 20 - July 9

Feverati, Giovanni (SISSA) June 25 - July 9

Kim, Chanju (Ewha) June 20 - July 9

Lishman, Anna (Durham) June 22 - July 7

Nepomechie, Rafael (Miami) June 26 - July 9

Oshikawa, Masaki (Tokyo) June 24 - July 2

Ravanini, Francesco (Bologna) June 20 - July 9

Rossi, Marco (Kyoto) June 26 - July 1

Sasaki, Ryu (Kyoto) June 26 - July 1

Suzuki, Junji (Shizuoka) June 27 - July 1

Takacs, Gabor (Budapest) June 19 - July 2

Zamolodchikov, Alyosha (Montpellier) June 25 - July 23


Faculty Apartment and Sangnamkwan

Information for Foreign Participants

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